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Hello all. I hope situations in your life are not holding yo

Hello all. I hope situations in your life are not holding you back in any way as they are in my own life.
I was diagnosed with agoraphobia when I was in my late teens but it didn't really keep me from doing things very often. Now it's a whole other story. The last time I was able to leave my house was September 1st this year. I know it's only been a few months but for me it's a lifetime. I'm a very busy person most of the time. I live with my cousin so he does all the shopping. I'm not even able to get out to see a dr. or therapist. My panic attacks are really bad. I've got to go for now.

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Dec 8

I am so sorry for your situation. That sounds really terrifying. I encourage you to get to a doctor. Perhaps an online one can give you some meds so you can make small strides to get out a little bit. You don't want this situation to stay this way forever. You deserve better than so stay locked away. There is too much beauty you will miss. Don't give up!

Dec 10

3rdday thank you for your encouraging words. I'm on meds but I need my anxiety meds dosage increased. My doctor wants to see me before she will increase the dosage. I understand that and I just need to make an appointment. I'm just afraid that I won't be able to leave when its time to leave for the appointment. I know I'm going to have to just bite the bullet so to speak and deal with the anxiety attack and go. I'm gonna make the appointment. Yup that's what I am going to do.

Dec 10

@padminishankar going out with a friend or relative is the only way I can get out. I have gotten worse over the past few months. Now I can't even go out with someone else. I know I need to so that I can get my anxiety medicine increased but knowing and being able to are completely different things.


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