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HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP? I’m kind of in a predicament h

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I’m kind of in a predicament here. Been looking for something I could get into as far as a rewarding career as an Agoraphobic, and thought I'd found one.

Spent months, upon years, searching from one thing to the next. I thought “photography” might be a good fit. Even, bought all sorts of camera/photography equipment in the hopes of turning a hobby into a possible career.

However, the problem I find myself in here is, I still have a difficult time getting myself out of the house. Sure, there are things/ compositions I can take/shoot in-doors, yet I was really hoping to get into out-door, nature, macro, astral, wildlife, landscape.

Yet everything, all my equipment, just sits there. Collecting dust.... I was wondering if there are any other agoraphobics out there who might be going/ or have gone through/ dealt with the same thing? If so, if I may ask, how did you overcome this?

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Feb 18

Hi - I don't have agoraphobia, but I just saw your post asking for help. I can't help but wonder if you have sought therapy for agoraphobia? If not, that might be a good idea. Do you think you could start photographing things just outside your own door? You could even set up a scene with some items inside your house and just see what that felt like. I enjoy taking pictures (wouldn't call myself a photographer) and I think it would be a rewarding career, but also one that would require a lot of travelling, at least into the outdoors and wildlife areas for your interests. Have you ever thought about looking into an online job? Just some ideas.

Mar 22

Stop motion animation!


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