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Good Afternoon, I have a plethora of diagnoses that are all

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Good Afternoon,
I have a plethora of diagnoses that are all causing massive agoraphobia. It's hard for me to even go to my mailbox because I'm afraid of another person being there who could cause bodily harm to me. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they use to help overcome the phobia.. even for a little bit?

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Nov 16

@Meggahoo that is a problem. the one suggestion i have is a little out there. self defense? martial arts? classes like that are great exercise, tech discipline, not to mention if you know you can defend yourself that fear will diminish. of course, with all that you have going on, idk if that is an option.

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Nov 17

I use mindfulness meditation to calm down the fight/flight response and try to maintain it when I go out, which ain't often - my mailbox gets stuffed full. Also, the hard part for me is realizing that the only way to desensitize this thing is to go out there and when the world doesn't explode, it registers in my body and emotions which is where my stuff really resides. Of course, this is advice I know works but even I'm not good at following it. I also understand how you're probably receiving the one-size-fits-all treatment of meds and CBT (I'm guessing?) and that's shallow and inadequate. I got years of that. It's very common. I've found a peer support person who I'm hoping will be an advocate so I can find the treatment I need.


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