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****Trigger Warning**** i really need some help! for years n

****Trigger Warning**** i really need some help! for years now i have been trying to fight off the feeling of suicide but they just seem to be growing stronger. i have no friends, or family really. no hobbies ,or interest. I have been house bound for the past 3 years because my depression is so bad. im constantly just fighting to keep my head above water.... my life insurance money seems like the only hope to get my house out of debt and to give my husband a chance at a half way happy life. All day i have been starring at the ceiling trying to thing of one reason i should be around and haven't been able to think of one.

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ControlFreak101's picture
Jan 13

i felt that way before. I would suggest marijuana. It might be the only cured. I am not into drugs but I got a high with being in a vehicle with it for hours. At the end, I felt so great. =) all your problems disappear. I don't understand why they keep it a secret ?? It is the best thing that has happened to me.

Bast8848's picture
Jan 13

Drugs is not the solution, getting support is crucial. Reach out, this is the first step.

Jan 13

@Error101 i am actually on medicinal marijuana..... it is the only thing that has been getting me through being house bound


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