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EVERY KIND THING sometimes i write of meaning but mostly



sometimes i write of meaning
but mostly just of pain
sometimes i feel lonely
and im sure i will again

But there is more to living
than hiding behind a screen
more to writing
than saying what you mean

there is hope in hopelessness
and brevity in time
that rushes to the moment
that sometimes we can find

reminds us why were standing still
against the battered wind
reminds us why were waiting here
to try and try again

fall we may
get up we might
going we will ever do
every day and night

and you think youve failed
dont know how to try
remember theres more here
than what befalls your eyes

look inside your heart sometime
to see the meaning left
behind by passing scars and time
It never was bereft

of anything of nothing
of all the little bits
pieces of a memory
we couldnt quite forget

of a thousand billion pieces
of tiny stars in sway
all throughout time they traveled
to make you just this way

You are something special
but see it you may not
but dont look with your eyes here
to see what you have wrought

your life it touches others
and on down through the path
were all here together
to make the meaning last

to give it birth
to buy it hope
in all your smiles
a length of rope

to pull them out the darkness
free them from the fray
to help them remember
God lives in us this way

So smile when you are hurting
cry when you are free
for those that cant be here
beside you and me

in the realization
that everythings
gonna be okay

Today, tomorrow, forever

It starts with hope.
Faith in yourself
Trust in your fellow man
not in things or wealth

Were not promised tomorrow.
nor even a single day
Time will get away from you
leave you set in your ways

So start right now
this very week
build something strong
that used to keep you weak

Be kind today
love gently and strong
forgive those that spite you
or do you any wrong

Learn to be a witness
and stand on what is right
sing it from the rooftops
every day and night

there is hope
there is laughter still
meaning truth
loving kindness in our will

that we pass on
in every gentle thing
we take the time to do
we take the time to mean

Give with your heart
Love with your soul
Sing with your voice
And never grow old

In Doing this
all your days.

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Dec 9

@Scat thank you glad you enjoyed it. Have a nice day.

daisy182's picture
Dec 9

This is really good, thank you for sharing.

LollyNews's picture
Dec 10

@SympleSylence ♡♡♡


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