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Hi everyone. Ive lasted 24 hours of my diet so far. Proud of

Hi everyone. Ive lasted 24 hours of my diet so far. Proud of myself :).

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Oct 15

Ok Sounds good to me. Protein makes you lose weight.

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Oct 15

@padminishankar I did four days and didn't loose any weight. The only success ive ever had with dieting has been doing a water or smoothie fast. I'm going back to that as of midnight. Nothing else works for me. :(. Just sick and tired

Oct 17

Can you watch your apetite and cravings? That is my big issue. I am trying to keep track of my food. I have some chocolate everyday because it relieves my stress induced eating. I am cutting back on calories and going for the good stuff - fruits and veges. Breakfast is very important meal of the day.
I get up at night and I want to snack- this makes me gain weight again.


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