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I'm sorry but I feel like this site is just like my life. Re

I'm sorry but I feel like this site is just like my life. Regardless of the support I've tried to show or input I've tried to give it doesn't really matter. I'm in bed with pneumonia just crying and I feel so alone. This will probably be my last post on this site since I feel like I'm not getting any support from anyone maybe it's a clique thing.. usually is I don't belong anywhere

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May 17


I hope you change your mind about leaving. Sorry you haven't had many responses. I am on the depression and anxiety sites, but use the depression site most of the time, otherwise I would have read your posts and try to reply. I am very sorry that you are so sick. Extra hard to cope with when you have little ones. I wish you a quick recovery. I will support you in case you should want to message me. I would love to have a new friend.

May 24

@flickerfade: That's heartbreaking, girl. I can totally relate to you. I couldn't be with my kids either. I had pneumonia and they had viral fever. It was so painful to stay away from them. Please take good care of yourself. I'll be praying for you and your lil one. Love & hugs to you!

May 24

I feel the same


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