I'm sorry but I feel like this site is just like my life. Re

I'm sorry but I feel like this site is just like my life. Regardless of the support I've tried to show or input I've tried to give it doesn't really matter. I'm in bed with pneumonia just crying and I feel so alone. This will probably be my last post on this site since I feel like I'm not getting any support from anyone maybe it's a clique thing.. usually is I don't belong anywhere

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May 17

Hey just wanted to say i hope you get to feeling better with the pneumonia (that stuffs really rough) and are able to find some peace of mind too. This site, man, i dont even know what to tell you about this place. I have AVPD and social anxiety and i barely leave my house. Sometimes i pour my heart out on here only to get some half assed reply that doesnt even really have anything to do with my post. I have gotten to the point i just delete the **** post rather than even try. People are really hard for me to understand i dont ge tthem at all. There are some genuine people that care on here though. Theres also a lot of flakey nonsense. But this is the internet so its really hit and miss. It really alot of times honestly makes my loneliness worse. The site i mean, and people in general. I dont have any magic words of comfort but just wanted to let you know i can relate and i hope you feel better. Sometimes it makes me feel better to try to support others and feel less alone. Even though nobody gets most of the time exactly what im dealing with.At least i can use some of my own pain and struggles to help others in some way. Theres not even a **** section on here for it for what i deal with. Sorry to curse so much just kinda frustrated with life and this stupid site and everything in general. Hope things get better for you and you have a good day today.

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May 17

@SympleSylence message me I'll talk to you anytime day or night, it sounds like we have a lot of the same issues I'm here for you.

May 17


I hope you change your mind about leaving. Sorry you haven't had many responses. I am on the depression and anxiety sites, but use the depression site most of the time, otherwise I would have read your posts and try to reply. I am very sorry that you are so sick. Extra hard to cope with when you have little ones. I wish you a quick recovery. I will support you in case you should want to message me. I would love to have a new friend.


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