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Why does depression make you feel like your dying and living

Why does depression make you feel like your dying and living your last days? It's so scary for me

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Jan 12

@Mya011 me too! I only leave the house when I have to! Fired last 2 counselors, most won’t deal with all the issues a lot of us have. Seems like we’re on our own and I have only one friend who I have seen once in 40 years! While I have a “plan” to end it all, I can’t to that to my daughter, it would push her over the edge. I asked to volunteer at my local vet and even they turned me down. So, alone it is! Everyday is a struggle- cooking is a pain! Just existing waiting for the UFOs (seriously) for some excitement.

Jan 12

@SusieNeverland I know it feels like nothing is happening for you, but keep pushing. I love that you're exploring volunteer options. What other kinds of opportunities are local? Cooking is a pain on my best day, so I hear ya! And, just because the first two counselors didn't work, doesn't mean there isn't a gem hiding in the brush, you know? Do you think you'll pursue another option? Also, consistent journal entries could be a great outlet for you--you clearly have some fun wit and a natural flow to your writing. Keep hanging in there. There is more.

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Jan 16

That is scary....I do hope a new day has provided new mercies for you! Some of the best advice I have received here (because I am not really a medicine taker) is how necessary it can sometimes be along with the therapy in order to balance and 'retrick' the brain away from the 'fight or flight' it is feeling...allows you to work on the fight instead of the flight (for lack of a technical explanation). In time, work on bigger steps to managing these feelings.


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