I need some advice , if you haven't left your home in a year

I need some advice , if you haven't left your home in a year and have depression what are my options , it's very difficult to leave my home now I have severe anxiety , also I've had therapist come to my house but it wasn't helpful for me I'm really thinking about checking myself into a hospital because I feel like I need help I can't go on this way I feel so drained and sick at this point , I just need some advice on what you guys would do if you were stuck in this situation :/

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Sep 15

@Beautifully_Fade goodbye bully ,sending positive vibes to you !

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Sep 15

im going to make something clear here. not one thing beautifully_fade has said is bullying, nor is it incorrect. if we who suffer from mental illness need some help from external forces to deal with it, that is fine. we all need help sometimes. but if we don't have the mindset to get better, all the external help in the world wont help much at all. so, Mya011, if you have that mindset, great! if not, please try to find it. if you feel a hospital is best at this point support you in this decision, and hope it will help. but if you don't go into whatever you are trying with a good mindset, no matter what you are trying, you are not likely to come out the other side much better

Sep 16

Mya, I sent you a private message. Did you receive it?


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