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New here..........I just have a question that maybe somebody

New here..........I just have a question that maybe somebody can answer, or direct me in the right place.......I've gotten 3 different answers from SS.......yes, no, maybe........go figure!

Situation: I am 70 yrs old, on SS survivor benefits, working part time, I share custody of 2 infants, 1 yr & 3 yr. [since late 2014]. I share court ordered custody with the babies aunt. We all live together. [both born drug addicted, but doing pretty good, 1 might have behavior, stress issues, that is being determined now by professionals......] Due to parents drug use the parental rights might be terminated in the next few months. My question is....If Aunt and I adopt these babies together, will the babies qualify as dependents under my s.s.? Will they then receive SS dependent benefits on my account? Thanks for any insight you may be able to offer me!.

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Sep 8, 2017, it does say under certain circumstances, maybe a Social Security Lawyer is the way to go. Could you ask the lawyer dealing with the adoption?


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