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I was adopted when i was four years old and have recently go

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I was adopted when i was four years old and have recently got in touch with my birth family. However it hasn't been smooth sailing. When we left them our adopted dad abused me and my sister for 8 years. When i met my birth mum she has cleaned up her act (she was a drug user) and has 3 other children. And i know it seems bad but i could help but think why could she do it for them and not us. If they could have just sorted them selfs out we would never have met our adopted dad. A mixture of those feelings and the fact i have BPD meant that our relationship got rock and she gave up on me. Was it ever going to be easy though.

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Jun 29

@Groovycou2 do you want to talk through it?

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Jul 6

@Groovycou2 I’m sorry to hear what you and your sister have gone through. How are you doing? If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you and your sister? Are you and her pretty close and always stuck by each other? My stepfather was also abusive so I know what it’s like.

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Jul 12

It started when I was four and my sister was six. Sadly my sister doesn't talk to me anymore. When I spoke out about what happened nobody believed me and my sister didn't back me up until a year later even tho we had agreed to do it together. She now feels guilty about not speaking out with me. Even tho I have told her for years it doesn't matter
i just want my sister


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