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Hello everyone, new to the site..... I'm not to sure where t

Hello everyone, new to the site..... I'm not to sure where to speak on this but it's something that I'm having many issues with and causing me a lot of anxiety....

Currently I am 6 months post partum.... my daughter was taken into cps custody after her father let his drug addiction get the best of him on his first day watching her after I returned back to work.... she was seriously injured and since then I have been on my own and he was taken into custody. I've been doing everything asked if as far as making every appt, going to all visits, starting my own counseling next week and drug testing always coming up clean..... parenting classes will be starting soon as well... her father has since gotten out on bail and doing his drug testing, classes and hopefully counseling will be coming up.... he needs professional help and I know he is a good person when not using.... we have been on and off for 10 years since we were teenagers and have known each other for 20.... I feel like anything and everything I say or do isn't enough for my caseworker and that I'll never win. I'm terrified of never getting her back even though I know I'm perfectly capable of taking care of my child... are there any parents out there who have dealt with cps? I feel like they just want to tear my family apart.

Let me make it clear that I don't think her father should get away Scotch free... he hurt my baby and that is something I never thought would happen.... luckily she is ok... he needs to deal with the consequences but he also needs help and positive support but I can't do that without it looking bad.... idk I'm confused and conflicted and don't know what to do.

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Oct 2, 2017

I think your chances of getting her back would increase if you could prove you are not longer with your child's father. I think in this case you can only fight for and win one of them.

Oct 5, 2017

A social worker threatened that unless someone was at our house after school until my ex got out of work, our 16, yes 16! year old daughter would be taken into cps custody. I was in the hospital for depression for four days. I had her Grandma stay at the house. I asked my retired Aunt if she would watch her (also near her school like my house was) if I should be hospitalized again. Nobody from cps showed up. My opinion in your case: If a year goes by and both of you are still clean..........things could get better. I also agree with the other poster that if the baby's dad is out of the picture, you would have a better chance at getting the child back.


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