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When I was young I used to be able to say I love you and hug


When I was young I used to be able to say I love you and hug people easily but now I find it so difficult especially towards my family. Does anyone know why.

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Aug 7, 2017

I'm like this too I crave physical touch but I'm, I don't know, afraid of it? It's really bad with my family I can't stand them touching me at all.

Aug 8, 2017

I am having issues with the word love...bcuz people say I love you and it is just vain empty words to me bcuz if you did love me than why do you treat me the way you do? If that is love than I don't want it....don't even speak them words to me. I know I am stressed and having a meltdown lol

Aug 27, 2017

i am not adopted tho i live with my grandparents and my parents tell me the "love " me every time i see them yet they go back and hurt me all over again i dont think i have lost the meaning of the word or anything i just make sure that i use it correctly bc i dont think i could handle being like my parents idk if that helped any but ...


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