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Just had my first lab practical. and I feel fairly certain t

Just had my first lab practical. and I feel fairly certain that I did not do well on it. I knew the stuff going in, but the teacher set it up so that each seat had at most 3 questions and you had to move around the entire classroom to answer them all. Add in about 20-30 students, and not being allowed to talk, and what could be the brain focusing on retaining the information (test anxiety, it takes focus to remember what you already know you know) turns into where have I been, what questions do I need to answer next, where the hell are these questions (because they were placed randomly too), can I get to that spot? **** it, someone beat me to it. And there goes all of the test focus. Oh and then to make up for that there was the wait, this question helps me recall the answer to the question that was the seat or two before me, which number was that? What did I write down for it? No one teaches test taking strategies for when you don't have the complete test in front of you. So ya, I feel like I completely failed it. My first failing grade since getting my ADHD sorted out.

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Oct 13

Do they know about your ADHD, could you qualify for student assistance?

Oct 13

@CKBlossom I haven't had issues with tests before so I don't have testing assistance and I didn't know that lab practicals were set up like that until the day of the test, so I didn't try to get anything in place in advance. The only thing I've needed before is alternative format textbooks.


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