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30 years old male, married for now and we have a 7 year daug

30 years old male, married for now and we have a 7 year daughter. I was fairly recently (2 months) diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD (Not ceartain as my therapist says 1 thing and my phyciatrist says another and I don't fully understand the difference). Since my diagnosis I have started researching what ADD really is and it's manifestations. I feel like my mental and emotional struggles I've been dealing with my whole life are starting to make sense now. I got prescribed adderall and while it is helping I can't sleep at night. Is it normal for spouse to struggle with accepting that my impulsiveness stems from dysfunctional wiring in my brain?

Jan 21, 2019

How do you get tested? I thought that was what therapy and psychiatrist appointments were for :/

Jan 31, 2019

Have a friend with horrible add constantly does things too fast and makes mistakes constantly and lies


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