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thread3/ numb, cant sleep, hyper ive been feeling numb fo

thread3/ numb, cant sleep, hyper

ive been feeling numb for the last few weeks. there's something i need to talk about, but i always forget when i start. i'm off my meds and i can't sleep. my brains goes thru 1000s of thoughts a day, makes me feel like its a monkey or somethin and i have to babysit it, you know? its 12 rn and i know im not going to sleep tonight. i hate having the same empty thoughts everyday to cover up what im really feeling. im not myself.

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Oct 4

your brain is a monkey. not just yours. there is a metaphor used by Buddhists, 'monkey mind', which is the way mind normally functions. but no one said you have to baby sit it. let it go on its way

Oct 19

Hello Norse The monkey mind takes charge when you get stressed. The monkey mind can be dangerous too because it is trying to take a banana out of a coconut shell. The monkey's hand gets TRAPPED inside the coconut shell. Monkey does not get the banana either.
Monkey mind is OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder. This recreates the stress patterns.

Oct 19

I'm trying to sleep with less medication. Because I think I am gaining weight from my medication. I understand that desire to shut down the thoughts. Sometimes listening to relaxing music with a slower beat helps. Or just watching nature videos like a slow ocean wave can help. I thought for sure i would have fallen asleep immediately tonight because of fatigue but it is not working.


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