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Hi husband has ADHD but he seems to think it's ev

Hi husband has ADHD but he seems to think it's everyone else's fault..i can't do this anymore..i want out of this marriage. I'm afraid of being alone?Is that normal

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Jul 7, 2017

@Jenn4473 Thank u so much..n that makes sense..I'm sure it's better to be happy and alone than with someone in an unhappy environment

Jul 20

My brother in law has ADHD. He is very quick to put on his defensive face, has a hard time taking directions, likes to talk himself up like he's absolutely perfect. Meanwhile, in the 5 years that I've lived with him and my sister, he has had 4 different jobs, comes home early from work at least 5 times a month (it seems anyway). He is very lost in his own world, it's always all about whatever he wants to do. He does seem to have this thing with trying to control my sister and I so he can stay in his own world, mean while we're bending over backwards trying to balance everything. So, in the struggles of husbands with ADHD, you are not alone. And there has been several times where my sister felt like she wanted out. I'm not sure if it was she was afraid of being alone, or just afraid of doing something wrong, but in seeking comfort from ladies at church she was talked into staying. And they still have struggles. I will say this, there does seem to be hope. My sister and I have been saying for years that my brother in law needs to see a psychiatrist. Finally, last night, he agreed. Now the only hurtle is money. But, he does agree there is an issue that needs to be assessed and fixed.

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Oct 24



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