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Hey i am also bipolar and depression also i have adhd those


Hey i am also bipolar and depression also i have adhd those 3 combined and just dont have the will power or the energy to do any house chores cause i live for my tablet or the phone oh i also have ocd now i do have a job and i am performing my job ok. But anything else i just don't clean anymore and thats not me.

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Feb 10

Thats nice see being on disability sucks i would rather work then being at home. It makes the time go faster when ur working and when ur at home. You find that you have way to much time on your hands that why i went back to walmart part time and i am loving it.

kisobel's picture
Feb 11

@Omabi1976 I understand. Since my husband died I have been having trouble cleaning up and then I realized he always kept the kitchen clean and did the laundry. I let days go by now without doing the dishes and I say to myself - here we go with the clothes again! - when I see them piling up in the bedroom and door handles. The only thing that I've found that can get me to work at it is when I finally get irritated by it all I set a timer for 20 minutes and see how much I can get done. I'm always amazed at how much I can get done in 20 minutes, so sometimes I'll set another 20 minutes, and so on. it's been hard for me. I'd rather do other things.

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Mar 6

@kisobel Sorry you lost your husband, how difficult for you! Wow, I love that you are able to set the 20 minute timer. That is a great start. I can't believe how many months I've let go by with hardly accomplishing anything- the shame is stacking up big time and my husband is still alive.
I as m in a frozen place of inability to move without fear. Been thru therapy and thought I was improving but the therapy ended. I am back to a giant wall in front blocking life.....mbe I can try your 20 min timer?


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