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I am 17 and my boyfriend is 20. I don’t have any family, m

I am 17 and my boyfriend is 20. I don’t have any family, my mam died when I was young and my dad has chosen his girlfriend over me. The rest of my family have disowned me due to past mistakes; I’ve had to look after myself emotionally from the age of 12.. dealing with the loss of my mam and my dad going to jail along with my step dad telling is that I had to move with my nan because he “couldn’t handle is”.. my nan soon moved is back with my dad when my dad got out of jail for the same reason. I got kicked out of my dad’s and was forced to stay on the streets and sofa surf at the age of 16. I was raped during this time by someone who I grew up with and looked at as a brother. I was then moved into a shared accommodation where I met my boyfriend. He is the apple of my eye, we are the same person in different sexed bodies and extremely good for each other. He made me feel alive after life had drained all the life out of me within the previous years. He is no stranger to the police and had served time before I met him. He struggles with asburges, ADHD, autism and split personality disorder. Because of his lack of help with this he has had a pattern of reoffending. He served 6 months before meeting me in the shared accommodation and I started to lead him into the right path until another occurrence of his struggle with his mental health problems came into play and he was arrested and is now serving 3 months. I am finding it difficult to deal with as I am very much alone, I don’t have any family or friends that I can talk to. He has swore blind that he isn’t going to go back and has said that he is never putting himself at risk of losing me again. I am scared in case he loses interest in me whilst he is in there, I am scared in case I go through this pain of him being in there to have him coming out to not loving me anymore or possibly reoffending again. I need some advise as I haven’t slept in 4 days and have been struggling to eat. It really is eating me away. I would also like to get some help on understanding his disabilities so that I can provide the right support for him whilst he is serving his sentence and when he is out. He also has a learning difficulty, he is 5 years behind his actual age. Thanks x

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Jun 10

@NS100 Thank you for your response

Jun 11

@cherrylambini 60
First let me compliment you. Youve had a challenging childhood and adolescence and you have used your personal resources (your intelligence and your pleasant personality) extremely well to survive. Your number one priority right now while your bf is away is to find a therapist to work with who will support you and give you advice as you move forward with your life.
If money is an issue, there are therapists who will work for a reduced rate or for free. The following link will help you locate a therapist in your area. When you call a therapist, you can ask if they have any pro bono slots open (free slots) or if they offer therapy at a reduced rate. If you prefer to work with a group, you can ask if the therapist offers group therapy.
You can also ask if the therapist you will work with offers services to clients who have Asperger’s Syndrome/ learning disabilities or if not, can they give you the name of a therapist who offers those services. That will be a resource for your bf.

From your description, it also sounds like your bf could use legal advice when he finds himself in trouble with the law. The link below will connect him with free legal advice if he should need it in the future. Its useful because an attorney will make sure he is protected from discrimination and gets the services he needs (testing, counseling etc.) due to his disability.

I wish you the best.

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Jun 12

@kgmaxwell Thank you so much for your time and advise.. take care x


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