With my thyroid tests coming back basically fine and no medi

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With my thyroid tests coming back basically fine and no medications helping my depression so far, I'm starting to think I might have adhd(which I've thought before, wasn't sure tho). From what I've read tho adhd and autism, while not being the same things, do overlap. I'm wondering if any people here have had some combination of adhd, autism and/or depression, or who have been misdiagnosed with one while actually having another?

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May 22

While they can overlap, ASD, ADHD, and Depression are very different diagnoses and are treated in different ways (meds or not)... I would recommend talking to your doctor about community mental health options for you, which tend to be covered by insurance and/or more affordable. You don't need to see a psychologist for diagnoses, unless you want to do formal Autism Spectrum testing (which involves hours of multiple assessments). Any MA-level therapist can technically diagnose you, but a lot of clinicians aren't comfortable diagnosing neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD, ADHD) and will refer out.

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May 25

The weird thing is -even when you go to an ''ADHD specialist'' as I did, they still didn't do any 'formal' testing, etc... I thought I was a candidate for EMDR due to cptsd dx, but I was told, 'no your recovery is not at a place to be able to handle emdr sessions yet...hmm ok.
They sent me to a Psychologist who gave me Ritilin RX which gave me instant increased anxiety and headaches.
Absolutely don't need MORE anxiety!
I feel that most professionals do not understand women's health (especially menopausal phase)...all these hormonal levels, enzymes both losses and gains very MUCH affect our Mental health...research has caught up to ''Mind/ Body'' connection but Training for Doctors def HAS NOT caught up.
Really sick of forking out Dollar$ to these people who are ''throwing darts at a dart board''-hoping some obscure Med - NEVER covered by INS is going to do some miracle.
There might be miracle recoveries out there for some people but not for me.

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May 25

@Littlesis7 Im not an expert, but I think unfortunately like you said everyone is different and react differently to medications. So if you experienced anxiety from adhd medication it could be something else may work, like you said there may be an unknown variable, OR your inattention could be from something else, not ADHD. I know in my case, I experienced difficulty remembering, focusing, working memory was impaired, difficulty remembering simple words----and these for me, are directly as a result of childhood trauma, narcissist emotional abuse, chronic severe stress, grief, all of which led to poor diet (because I was in a freeze state, I developed poor self regulation including not drinking water and skipping meals). For those reasons combined, I experienced horminal imbalances , thyroid dysregulation, and adhd type symptoms. They LOOK like adhd symptoms, but once I start eating every meal, and eat highly nutritious foods, drink water, and remove all stressful people from my life and enjoy my day---"adhd" symptoms are much much much better. I went from not being able to form coherant sentences or remember things---I felt like I had dementia... to functioning almost normally. I can remember things again, I can make jokes. I am ALERT. You likely do have ADHD if an expert diagnosed you, but what I mean, is that these other things like diet and water, are really big factors that are missed opportunities for major improvement. Stress actually caused the hypothalamus of the brain to shrink in depression. And ptsd symptoms really mimic adhd which *some experts fail to acknowledge. If ritalin isnt working naybe a different med will. but also try this other stuff <3

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