I've struggled with chronic, cystic acne for over 13

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I've struggled with chronic, cystic acne for over 13 years. It just keeps getting worse and leaving more scars. I'm terribly broken out at the moment, and unfortunately this is the norm. For many years I took medications that masked the symptoms, but didn't do anything to address the cause - and likely contributed to making it worse. Birth control, antibiotics and spironolactone only helped in the short term and caused damage in other areas of my health. Now I'm working with a Naturopath and a holistic chiropractor to address hypothyroidism and related hormone imbalances. I keep a journal in which I promise myself that I will not commit suicide over my acne. I tear up writing this, because for me, it really is that bad. For so many years I stayed optimistic that it would get better, but day after day/month after month/year after year it just gets worse. How can I cope with the idea that it may never improve? It has damaged so much more than my skin. I am so ashamed of it. I feel ridiculous and humiliated sometimes. My personality has changed. I haven't dated anyone in 3 years. Friends who have never suffered more than an occasional breakout really can't relate.

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Aug 2, 2013

He started taking accutane when he was about 17. ( He started with proactive with little results so he asked his doctor for accutane) He has always been a very mellow & funny person but for some reason he was having crazy mood swings while he took it. He was really grouchy all the time, he would get very angry over nothing & it always came out of nowhere. He would be completely normal & then all of a sudden he would just flip out on me. he had real bad acid reflux that made him throw up, he also had alot of stomache pain.& his skin was peeling like he had a sunburn. We convinced him to stop taking it & when he did he went back to normal. ( We were really concerned about his anger problems because he never had that issue & it stopped immediately when he went off accutane) I'm not really sure why he reacted the way he did but after that he went on a health kick (full body cleanses, changed his diet, removed metal fillings, got more excersize & his acne disappeared. I hope this helps I understand how hard it must be, I know it was really hard on my brothers self esteem, & it was really painful for him.

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Aug 2, 2013

I am 60 years old and still have cystic acne. I have doctored since a teenager. Antibiotics help very little. Family members have gotten good results with acutane, but my doc says my cholesterol is to high to go on it, so do it now while you can. But get a doc that will be diligent in monitoring your liver and your mood, it can be a very dangerous drug. For most it is a positive outcome.

Aug 3, 2013

Good, I prey it works for you friend (: i think it is helping so far too but it won't change anything over night, hopefully it helps cure it I really hope fed up of having my self esteem crushed and my life revolving around acne :( I just really hope it works. I apply it twice a day once in the morning and before I go to bed cause I usually wash my face around these times, what's your routine?


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