I have had acne since 4 years now. It disappeared for a year

I have had acne since 4 years now. It disappeared for a year because I used this gel but reappeared this year and is now getting worse day by day. I'm using good skincare products yet nothing seems to be working and it really troubles me and I feel like killing myself and never showing my face to anyone again

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@Jordan5683 I used to use this adapelene microspheres plus clindamycin phosphate gel and that's what cleared up my skin for a year but it stopped working 6 months ago and I've been breaking out more ever since. My dad suffered from acne too do you think I might have inherited that

Mar 2

@rachanamadhusudana it can be inherited from your parents. That might be why .

May 4

I’m sorry, I have moderate acne and I feel like the ugliest person in the world. Or i used to anyway. Now I dont really care if people see my acne because why ruin my life just so they dont look at my skin. And actually, I think that most good hearted people would rather you have 10 eyeballs and mouths on your ears and live in the same room as you than you killing yourself over acne. Give your products some time (and might I recommend Differin Gel if you haven’t used it already). Get out there and live your best life and dont care what other people think of your acne! They haven’t gone through it so they can’t even begin to judge you on it, and Ill bet you most people dont notice or even care if your face is clear or one giant pimple. We love you and wish you the best of luck! Live your life like acne is just your version of freckles! You are beautiful!


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