For those of you that like to wear makeup, I came across a m

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For those of you that like to wear makeup, I came across a makeup tutorial yesterday on YouTube. Her name is ElaineMokk (no space) and she has an amazing video on her makeup routine and her cystic acne. (Not sure if that is OK, I have no affiliation with this person, the results are amazing. It is her foundation coverage makeup routine video, ElaineMokk, in case the link doesn’t work.

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Jul 3, 2018

Thanks, these makeup tutorials are amazing.

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Jul 12, 2018

I’m glad you liked the video! I personally don’t think anyone “should” wear makeup to cover acne, unless they want to. However, a lot of us ladies like makeup (acne or no acne) and that video was pretty impressive, in my opinion!

I liked how it didn’t take long and that the products aren’t hard to find or ALL really expensive, too. I do want that MAC makeup, however, lol.

Do you all use those little oil-absorbing sheets during the day? Instead of applying more makeup? I use them on my T-zone. They are made by Clean n Clear.

(No idea why the format of my post is messed up.)


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