After I had my baby a year ago I got horrible cystic acne. T


After I had my baby a year ago I got horrible cystic acne. The dermatologist put me on medication 2 times and it helped a lot but I was still getting new pimples every day. The last option was accutane but I didn’t want to risk the side effects. I ran out of my prescription about a month ago and my face has been getting horrible cystic acne again. It’s affecting my life, I don’t even want to go outside. I just started taking birth control that is supposed to help with acne a week ago and I noticed my face is breaking out sooooo bad. I have cysts on top of cysts and one is bleeding. I heard it takes 3 months for the birth control pills to start helping with acne but i don’t know.. has anyone had experience with birth control pills and acne?

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Feb 13, I had really bad health after my last baby, my hormones were all out of wack. Diet really helped.

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