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Hi everyone. My name is Nhlair, you pronoun it like chair. A

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Hi everyone. My name is Nhlair, you pronoun it like chair. Anyway i joined this group because i have been through a lot this year and my friends turned against me when i needed them the most.

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Jun 17

I also had friends who turned on me when I needed them so I understand how you feel. Just be careful who you get close to.

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Jun 18

Nhlair, Be careful but always open; it's like being burned through dating, you have to, must, get back on the horse and leave yourself vulnerable if you ever hope to find the "right" person. Remember there are billions of people you haven't yet met, find your people. Build up your self esteem because in this life you need some thick skin, and being your own best friend is critical to your overall happiness. I truly believe that if you can't unconditionally love yourself you can't really love anybody else. peace, good luck, and keep posting!

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Aug 1

IMOKRU Thank you. because of the way i was hurt this time, i will need quite a long time to heal. Dating is the last thing on my mind right now...i have to work on myself first.


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