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with every fight my boyfriend is coming more and more abusiv


with every fight my boyfriend is coming more and more abusive. He hasn't actually "hit" me, but he recently started pulling my hair to hold my head in place while he yells in my face. He backs me in a corner while griping my arms. is that even considered abuse?? He calls me crazy because I question his trust, which I feel I have the right to since he has lied to me so much. We both want to work things out, in order to keep our family together.
our arguments usually start because I question him and his short temper spirals. He says its because I dont give him a fair chance to trust him..but maybe if i stop questioning him then he wouldn't get so mad..? how do I help him so he stops getting physical? or how can I change so I dont get him so mad.?

Feb 7, 2018

Hi, It is abuse and he's also gas lighting you when he's calling you crazy because you question his trust. You can't help him, he needs to help himself. And don't change for him, change for yourself. Look into emotional abuse, physical abuse, and narcissism and see if that rings any bells for you.


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