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This is my first time posting... I don’t know where to beg


This is my first time posting... I don’t know where to begin - I live with a man who is emotionally and verbally abusive, it’s like being in a hamster wheel with no way off. He can be ok in one moment and I can open my mouth (or sometimes not even say a word) and he becomes cruel... I’m a b**ch, c**t, dumba** and the list could go on and on. I have tried ignoring him, walking away, going elsewhere for the night... it never changes- and he is NEVER wrong... it’s always my fault. I guess the whole point of this post is that most days I would rather not be in this world... I just want peace and quiet.

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gia2016's picture
Feb 8

Cnesue let me know if u got help. Hopefully Trump will obtain more funding in the immediate future to help rescue good women who are treated so badly by mean and disrespectful husbands.

Foundlove's picture
Feb 8

I’m sorry to write that you will not get that peace unless you leave this guy. I just divorced an abusive person and same scenario... he would blow up on me for no reason and no matter what I did I couldn’t get him to stop or not start to begin with. I feel people like that are evil almost like demons with no conscious or soul! I’ve never experience anything like that n I will do everything I have to in order to never go through that again with another person... it was a nightmare and please realize and look it up for yourself.... that man will NEVER change, and unless you want to suffer for the rest of your days get away from him!

Hilarybrook's picture
Feb 11

Am so sorry to hear this is happening to you my dear, all you need is a therapy that will give you some advice on what to do, if you don find any let me no so I will introduce you to one ok, very sorry for what is happening to you right now its a pity this is happening, hopefully to hear from you soon,?


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