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My ex is on another binge and this one's long and bad. I fig


My ex is on another binge and this one's long and bad. I figured it out when I told him I went to church and he started sending messages claiming I went on a date. I finally had to tell him that if he continued on his text-rants I would report him for harassment. I spent the weekend with my granddaughter in peace, gardening and shopping for plants and teaching her about plants and she actually loves plants! My daughter--her mother--doesn't like plants of any kind, so it was fun to find a special bond with my granddaughter. We took a selfie and sent it to my daughter! Lol! Then I dropped my granddaughter off and my daughter told me my ex was calling her. He claimed I told him I went on a date and he didn't hear from me since. I looked at my phone and realized it was the first time I checked my messages all weekend, which explains my sense of peace. He is now sending dozens of messages accusing me of being intimate with this man I'm dating. I went to church! I told him I was looking for an Al Anon meeting, ended up in a church meeting and liked it, then he started ranting and wouldn't stop and that's when I stopped talking to him last week. I asked him for two meetings--one to talk about how his drinking and abuse is still affecting me and my family four years after our divorce and two, to discuss my injury lawsuit because he's trying to get money from it and signed a bad contract with a lawyer while he was drinking. Thankfully...we're divorced! It didn't help, though. When my daughter told me he was calling her my mood went from peace and calm to anxious and fear in minutes. I fully expected to find the police at my house when I went home--when we were married he used to call the police, tell them he was drunk, and tell them to "expect trouble" because I didn't like the fact that he drank. This is true, but my issue was over the fact that he's so abusive when he drinks. The police would come to the house and I'd go inside while they listened to him rant, then they'd just leave. I've been up all night now waiting for the past to revisit me like a ghost. So tired. I want my weekend back.

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Apr 16

You can't put a price on peace!!!

Apr 16

@MollyMc So true. Thank you.


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