My boyfriend is abusive to me verbally (for now). He has anx


My boyfriend is abusive to me verbally (for now). He has anxiety and rage attacks. Since we are distanced because of the pandemic, we are communicating through phone and messages. Nowadays, he started to yell at me for no reason. He even yells at me when we are in a group chat with my friends. My elder sister just got married, and my medicine dose was doubled. I am feeling extremely depressed right now. But since he yelled at me again on the phone and called me selfish for not answering a text in the way he wants, I am not talking to him. This is not what I deserve. When he started to take medication, I was there for him and supporting him all the way long. Now, I feel like floating in the air, and we are not talking since Thursday. I do not know if this abusive manner will take on to a physical level. Is there any advice for me to talk him through his anger?

Feb 22

Having never been in that situation I cannot offer direct advise but as a person who has been in an abusive situation with someone who needed help I will tell you this. For gods sake look after yourself first.....stop putting this person’s happiness above your own. Do not sacrifice yourself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to help someone you care about but there is a line. You have been supportive before and that is now being thrown in your face. Maybe my feelings come from my own bitter experience but I would have all away. You are no good to anyone else if you are not in a good space yourself.

But know you are loved and cared about here and we are here for you. Xx

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Feb 22

Abuse usually does escalate... especially when you don’t do what the abusive person wants. Nobody can tell for sure if abuse will escalate or not, but what makes you stick around with him when he’s disrespecting you like he is? You do deserve better. Good for you for ignoring him when he’s being abusive! I’m sorry your feeling so down. Abuse can bring about these feelings of depression, and all other kinds of health issues n emotional problems. Are you seeing counselor for all this going on? Counseling helped me get my head bad together again after abusive relationship. The I hope you feel better soon and keep yourself safe!


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