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Ive been in an emotionally abusive relationship for the past


Ive been in an emotionally abusive relationship for the past 5 years and a year-and-a-half ago I found out I was pregnant I took a home test to confirm and told him about it he proceeded to call me a liar told me that I was full of ****... I then became very ill and had pneumonia on top of morning sickness and wound up having a miscarriage I didn't want to tell him over the phone being that he was an over-the-road truck driver.i didn't want to that's not the kind of news you explain in a text message.but he road my *** to make me give in..so I explained what the doctor had said while sobbing.explaining that the doctor said it was no fault of my own that it thngs that just happens sometimes and I bad and heartbroken I feel.. he continued to tell me why can make you feel worse called me a murderer said I starved his child to death and how nice it was to hear that I can have children but it wouldn't be with him he proceeded to call me names in any awful thing he could say to make me cry even more. It's what he does to get even with me because he can't control me any other way except to talk bad to me or about me..which is why I get so depressed.i don't understand why he gets his jollys off by making me cry.he talks to his mom the same way.

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Oct 8

@kvolm2016 my contact with him is limited..I went to the doctor yesterday to see what's going on with me..I have 2 STDs and waiting on results for 2 others to come back I called him to say hey I'm not pregnant but you gave me STDs. He proceeded to call me a liar and the c word. Says I've been sleeping with other people which I haven't slept with anyone but him since I met him. He then asked what it was and I told him I guess he looked it up on Google and he comes back an says it's roundworm and maybe my dogs gave it to me you fing c..then hung up on me..my cervix and pelvis is all messed up and swollen and I've been prescribed medication for 2 weeks and then a recheck after..I mean guys never get checked.had I'd not have lower abdomen cramping I may of held off on going and more damage would of been done.i told him he needs to educate yourself and go to the doctor to get checked out but I'm sure he won't but I've done my duty and informed him.he also said I was trying to trap him by saying I was pregnant when I say it could be a possibility as well as stress or an std..I've been up most of the night in years trying to figure out why he thinks it's ok to talk to me the way he does...I mean a few months back we were talking about getting married and now I'm trash and a liar and so many more names to him..I don't get where this all stems from...I feel like I'm loosing my mind

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Oct 9

@Piper1517 hopefully you can make that call soon to get connected to the counseling resources so you don't have to feel like you are losing your mind!

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Oct 16

@Piper1517. Its because your a female. Were as males take longer to mature then women do. And a males ego is way different then ours. He saw his father do it to his mom so by seeing that he must of grew up thinking that was normal to treat women that way. I still think he needs an intervention. Or better yet, i agree with the person who said hes toxic to you. Your better off doing yourself a favor and leaving. I know its easy to say to yourself that," your not gonna let one persons judgment about you determine thats really who the person you are". But after some time goes by of hearing him call you names and so on. Then your gonna start thinking to yourself that," maybe hes right, maybe you really are pathetic and so on and so on". Im not at all saying you are. Im just saying from my point of view and hearing other women speak about it that after some time that goes by , we start to think that maybe our abuser is right about us.!! Understand? Ive been in a domestic violence relationship too. And just because he doesnt get physical with you doesnt mean its not domestic violence. Because verbal abuse is still abuse. Good luck. If you need more help , well always be here for you. Keep us posted .

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