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Is my mother-in-law a narcissist? I was reading about ways

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Is my mother-in-law a narcissist?
I was reading about ways to spot one and here is all I noticed that describes her:
When my husband was growing up he said she was never around. He was often left home alone while she would go out shopping. Of course she says that wasn't true, He remembers wrong and she was the perfect mother sheilding him from his verbally abusive father.
She sticks her nose in our business all the time, it feels like she's trying to control our marriage. When we were separated (it was mutually agreed on) she kept telling me how much he missed me and wanted me back and how much I had hurt him and how he worried about me, etc. But when I came back to him He told me he had never said any of those things and it wasn't true.
Also note that when we got engaged she tried to make us live with her and when we wouldn't she cried and tried to make us feel guilty for leaving her alone.
She is also constantly criticizing me for not believing as she does and for not being a little submissive1950s housewife. She says I sit at home doing nothing while my husband provides for me and does all the housework because I won't. Not true, I have a baby And I'm a new mommy so it's hard and nothing stays how I want it but I try.
My sister-in-law has also noticed how controlling she is. She told me that growing up she always pressured her into doing the things SHE wanted. Even for my sils wedding it was done how my mil wanted.
She's also very self centered. Everything is about how much of a victim she is. You have a problem? She's dealt with worse so get over it. You have thoughts on something? Well, it's actually this way and she's always right.
Also, she blames her husband for her son's anger issues, but what I see is that SHE treats HIM the way her son treats me.

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Feb 1, 2018

@CKBlossom I know he wouldn't. He's already told me he'll never marry again even if I died. And I know how strict his religion is as I was also raised in it. If he even dated anyone after I divorce him he'd be kicked out of the church and seen as damned to hell with absolutely no chance for redemption.

Feb 7, 2018

If you've been in an abusive relationship you know how difficult it is to just leave. Especially if they've threatened to kill you like he did with me. People are trying to help each other.. jumping all over them because they're still there isn't fair to them at all. You never know the type of situation someone's in or how safe they are.

Feb 7, 2018

I went to my local police station and filed a restraining order, for free - no attorneys were needed or involved. You will have to go to court to determine the need, but I was able to get one.


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