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I recently just out of an abusive relationship. He beat me

I recently just out of an abusive relationship. He beat me bad several times. T he police are involved and the first court date is coming up next week. I am so scared and do not know what to expect to happen. I have nightmares and am always looking over my shoulder on the days that i can go out. i have had a broken elbow and hand ....etc. I am scared.

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Oct 9

@CoderMom Thanks. court was today be continued. I t is keeping me up and hypervigilent all the time. I have some male friends 'watching' out for me....THANKS...Hope you are ok...lots of care coming to you...

Oct 11

I am so sorry you are facing this. Do you have a good support system around you? Leaning on family and friends during this time is so important. I also can say as a victim of abuse myself that it is very hard to overcome the aftermath of abuse on your own. There are some great resources here that I think might be helpful for you My thoughts are with you!

Oct 11 well.


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