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I need advice. I am now in a new relationship months after b

I need advice. I am now in a new relationship months after being in an abusive relationship. When I get in discussions/ arguments with my new boyfriend, I still react like I used to in my old relationship. I was never really argumentative or said mean things to people till being in an abusive relationship. After months of emotional abuse, put downs, I started to "fight dirty" back aka say mean and hurt things. I feel like I am now carrying this baggage onto my new relationship and I hate it. I have read a lot on emotional/ physical abuse. I know I still need to go to counseling once I get settled in my life. Anyone have any other advice? Words of wisdom? I am tired of reacting like this...It's almost like a fight or flight reaction. It's hard to stop myself. I don't feel like myself and hate the way I talk to my boyfriend when we get in an argument.


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