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I know I was married to a NPD. Narcisstic Personality Disord

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I know I was married to a NPD. Narcisstic Personality Disorder. He openly admits to it. His mother was diagnosed as this toi, that and Histronic Personality Disorder. And it is hard. It is so hard to know 17 years of me feeling lowly and having no confidence and curling up beaide this man.. Mistaking his abuse as strenght.. Being gaslighted and stayind confused.. All the while making excuses for his verbal and emotional abuse..Believing him when he said I was overly sensitve..and now. Now I'm scared to be on own and thinking I cant take care of self financially or otherwise even.

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Jul 12

I’m sorry that you feel this way. You deserve soo much more for the efforts you have given to get to this point.
Most to all the time. The abuse a narcissist inflicts has lasting effects. And I definitely sense some lack of esteem. Resulted from your narcissist. Which I believe you will slowly shed.
One thing that sometimes can help is to write things out. For instance. You mentioned you’re worried about your financial situation. Writing out a budget plan can help you reassure yourself that financial you are ok. Or it can show you what you need to do to be ok financially.
Please try to be kind to yourself. And try to remember the great step you took. I personally love seeing people stand up for themselves. And nothing is more beauty than a person improving themselves. Which makes you a amazingly stunning person.


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