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I had dated a guy who was a complete mistake. He tried to ma


I had dated a guy who was a complete mistake. He tried to make me feel worst in any type of way. He failed in the military and didn’t have a job and no college plans. He never liked when I achieve something and he would always put me down and made it seem like I was such a low life. One time he said “I always tried to avoid people like you” . Once I told him I was starting community college classes and he told me “Try not to end up in remedial classes”. He use to play in instrument in high school and I told him I use to play the violin from 4th to 7th grade and even showed him the violin and he looked like he was mad that I told him. He never said “Oh that’s great”. Whenever we got into an argument , he always tried to have the last word and tried to intimidate me . One time I told him I might have to spend an extra year in college just to get the credits that I needed and instead of supporting me ,he said “Most people can finish it quicker” and he said I didn’t have thick skin to be in law school. I told him so far I’ve been receiving Bs in college(I’m working to try to get an A) and instead of saying he was proud of me , he just said “why you didn’t get an A?” . He would sometimes tried to stand over me and look down at me when we would have an argument . One time, I said he was arrogant and narcissistic and an ***. He tried to play the victim as if I’m the one who always criticized him and he just takes it. He would always constantly say “I don’t care what you think of me”. He even tried to put me down during sex. It was my first time and he laughed at me when I tried to do the cowgirl position. Even though , there was No foreplay involved and it was painful and I would always bleed. I told him “what if we just had a sexless relationship” and he was against it. But when we did had sex , he wouldn’t be into it.

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Apr 6

@Rdan thank you . I am I appreciate the advice I am looking at it as a lesson learn and I’m going to make sure I never be with a guy like that again

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Apr 6

@zaddyv and every day I do my best to be the best husband, father and grandfather. As you grow be a blessing to someone else - there are plenty who need help along the way. You will be a grandma some day!

Apr 8

@Rdan I wish I would get an apology


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