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I am a former foster child of 5 years and am now 16. I live


I am a former foster child of 5 years and am now 16. I live with my biological dad and step-mother but there is yet another CPS case open against my dad and this time they are threating to take me and my two siblings away. My dad is an alcoholic and can be very aggressive. He is very verbally abusive to me and was physical in the past. My step-mother and her family are asking me to lie to the Social Worker to cover for my dad. But I want to tell the truth. They want me to lie to keep my siblings from getting taken away which are my step-mothers biological children. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want my siblings to be taken away but I also don't want to lie. Any advice?

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Jun 20

@Rose123x i could try but i dont know how thats gonna work

Jun 20

Try it and take it from there. Keep trying until you get what you want/need. Do not stay silent. In situation like these it is best to express how you really feel.

Jun 23

That's a tough spot for you to be in at age 16. Its not supposed to be that way. I'm thinking that deep down you know what you should do. If its a dangerous household for you and your siblings then you really need to act to put yourself and them someplace safer. For a short time, I ran a group home for girls that were removed from their parents home because of the behavior of their parents. That was many years ago, but I remember many of those girls very fondly. It doesn't mean that you will go to a group home. There are usually more options. You should be able to speak privately with the case worker and hear what the options might be for your particular situation. If you have grandparents or other relatives that may be an option. The court may also require that your father get counseling and go sober to keep parental custody. That happens a lot. That would be best to improve all of your lives including your dad's. Prayers and best wishes to you.


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