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Hi Recently been in therapy for a few months and my therapi


Recently been in therapy for a few months and my therapist keeps bringing up my male parent and I hate saying the D word, how can I tell her to stop bringing it up? Or at least get her to stop saying the D word cause it keeps making me really angry and stressed
Also my family laugh at me when I say I loathe him for what he did but they say “suck it up and move on”
If anyone’s gone through something similar could anyone help me out? Thank you
I’m 20 years old and need to stop getting stressed out 24/7 and therapy ultimately isn’t helping in that area, any recommendations? I’m not rich so can’t afford therapy so I use headspace (Australian health covered mental health place) and not liking it but my towns only got 1 psych there. My counsellor has recommended I go to hospital, but that also terrifies me.
Thank you any way for reading
Have a good day or night.

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Feb 12

Hello, I read your post and I feel like bringing this up with your therapist could be helpful. Letting her know you are not ready/do not want to talk about this and maybe guiding her to what else you feel might be helpful for now. She might see bringing up your paternal parent as a way to help you with your stress, but if you are not ready then you are not ready. It is a possibility that you may have to address this in the future though, if it is a cause to your concerns. Please find someone more concerned and caring than your family if that is how they respond to your need for help. I wish you the best of luck and help you can find someone who truly understands you.

Feb 13

Thanks AndMorgan, yeah I know, that’s definitely the thing I fear the most, having to deal with it one day
I found another free therapist in my town which I’m excited about, apparently he’s rated well online (but you never know if fake accounts or whatever) but if nothing changes then I gotta take another option...then hospital for me if that doesn’t work and I’ll be there for a month or 2

Feb 13

@Anyeta I have to say that you are doing a great job looking out for your mental health. You have a goal plan for the future and that is awesome because your mental health is one of the most important things in this world. I hope this new therapist is a good fit for you. Good luck on your journey


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