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Hi.. I'm 29.. I'm getting divorced after 8 months of marriag

Hi.. I'm 29.. I'm getting divorced after 8 months of marriage. I was asked to post here since its a case of abuse. He was drunk and he punched my nose and i have a permanent minor nasal fracture. I was bleeding all over my face and he continued to punch my chest and kick me for 20 minutes after. was the scariest time of my life. This is like 3 hours after saying he would die without me and i was his world. Its been shocking and difficult to deal with his calm demeanor after. His family seems apologetic and he seems to be quite ok with what hes done. he was in jail... mostly cause he beat himself up really badly too. Im a really small person so i had no courage to try to fight back. he seemed to kept hitting where he knew it hurts the most or i have a previous injury. the worst is that he would worship me and considered me his greatest blessing and just snapped. its the second time he hit me which is why i can never go back.
im doing much better now than the past month... so thats a big plus! and i have a lot of friends and family who have been very supportive during this time.

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Jason197272's picture
Feb 10

Jasmine1989 I’m glad you are safe now that makes me happy that you deserved more that that guy. Plenty of fish in sea

Foundlove's picture
Feb 10

That’s great I hope you have the strength and courage to stay away from him, it’s very scary when you realize your with someone insane... currently have mine still wanting to mess with me even after he claims wants nothing to do with me... keeps in contact with my family n everything

Feb 11

Hey.. I'd never consider going back. I dont even have the most remote thought to. It was a very controlled marriage where everything was decided for me by my inlaws. Like what to do after work, how to behave etc... I'd rather just be single than live such a miserable life plus get beaten so badly. Im also practicing forgiveness where I wake up and forgive him and myself for any mistakes we may have done. Its a real release and helps you let go. Im still young and doing well to subject myself to this! I love myself and i have to take care of myself. Id suggest to everyone to know there are many good people out there and if you end up in a bad relationship then you must take whatever lessons you can from it to be better in your next one. Set new goals, new targets, be better and move on!


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