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Hello, everyone, I'm curious if you have encountered circums

Hello, everyone, I'm curious if you have encountered circumstances where you feel you are being judged unfairly based on your awkward behavior due to past trauma in social settings?
I myself have encountered this quite frequently. I am saddened by it. It seems no matter how hard I work to improve myself in all areas of my life, it always comes back to repeating the same patterns.
Believe me; I have done my work that needed to be done for self-improvement everything from therapy to new healing modalities, shadow work you name it I did it & still I always find myself back in the same place.
To be fair, I've experienced my fair share of trauma. I believe my natural trigger responses to certain situations could sometimes be off-putting. However, I've also noticed a lack of tolerance from people regarding dealing with social conditions that make them feel awkward & uncomfortable. In some cases, I've even had new abuse experiences because of it.
Has anyone ells gone through something similar to this? If you have, did you find workable solutions to resolve the problems you encountered?
Please feel free to share.

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Jan 14

Yes, but I'm now okay . I guess i'm okay because i tend to believe everyone is not perfect. so i'm okay if i have those problem (awkward behavior) and i'm okay if others have it (i don't judge).
and i don't care how others judge me. i judge myself. i take care of myself. and now (i wasn't like this before) i just don't take things/myself that seriously and often laugh at myself .

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Jan 14

I hope you find support and answers. :)

Jan 22

Seeking-hope, what you are going through is hard and understandably you are having trouble dealing with it. While some people do judge unfairly and are wrong for doing so, sometimes it is our own self consciousness that makes us feel judged when others may not even be noticing us and it is hard to figure out which is which. The best thing I can recommend is take time to evaluate your feelings and try to find clarity as to which one is truly happening. Also counseling is a very big help in these cases and in helping you find coping exercises and ways to work your way to complete healing. I pray you would find healing and feel free from all judgement in time.


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