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For most of my life I have suffered with emotional abuse and


For most of my life I have suffered with emotional abuse and now just recently discovered that I also suffered with neglect as a child and now as an older adult..I am curious as to how to overcome my emotional abuse and neglect first from my parent and now from my husband...

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Mar 23

@sara600 just getting past the moment of inertia puts your mind in a better place. Try a three fold plan. Instant, short term and long term. Any day you decide you can change your life. You make a plan and it make take some time to set it in motion - and once you get the ball rolling your life has changed course. Exercise releases endorphins and helps your point of view. I would jog 4 to 6 miles at lunch. I had an extreme stress job. Take some kickboxing cardio. It will empower you. Journal, you can look back and see patterns and cycles; as relates to stimuli. Write your biography and you will see how bad it was, how far you've come - you may even cut yourself some slack and be proud you're not totally a mess. Have you ever thought - this time you wouldn't make it; didn't want to make it. And yet you did. Your Creator has more in store for you and there is better ahead. There is better ahead. Those who were supposed to protect you hurt you. Those who promised to cherish you, nurture you and love you limitlessly didn't; didn't keep his vows and used you instead of treating you as the most precious in their world. if they would have you could have healed and been his queen. So now you will do this on your own and you will still be a queen, scars - yes but beautiful all the same. Even more lovely and merciful for the abuse; having limitless compassion for others. Don't underestimate yourself. You have greatness in you. And yes; set boundaries - firmly.Make up your mind who you are going to be. I am a warrior - I get wounded. I cry. I go to my God. He heals my soul and I get up ready to fight - for myself, my wife, my grandchildren, my loved ones and those I see hurting. Be blessed my sister.

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Mar 24

I am sorry you have faced so much in your life. I hope your search for a counselor was successful, having to talk to would probably help a great deal.... If you have not, you may want to try the Christian Counselor's Network, they may be able to point you in the right direction. I am so happy that you are taking these steps, that you are recognizing the trauma you have faced and are trying to help from it. Know that we are here to listen and support you in any way we can.... Praying for you...

Mar 25

sara600 I.m so sorry for all the struggles in life. You deserve better. It will take time to heal and counseling would be a great help in the healing process. I will be praying for you.


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