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December 3rd, 2020


everyone wants to know what happened to me well here it is:

everyone wants to know what happened to me well here it is: i though found a good guy but in fact he was a bully i knew in the back of my head i might die if i didn't leave but i couldn't escape it was like i was in prison in my own home one second i could get a nice kiss the next minute i might get a right fist i could be anytime i knew he had a temper but not like this i thought i was gonna be great and i wanted to escape but i was scared i was afraid of the darkness but the darkness was were i lived i never knew he was crazy like that i felt so trapped like there was no escaping him he would say anything just to make me forgive him but now i know no apology will ever change what he did to me time will never take back him breaking my ribs or the time he put a knife to my throat and him and his friend raped me or the time time we he was driving drunk with me in the passenger seat and he started beating me as he was driving and he swerved and i woke up in a totaled car there is nothing he could every say or do that makes what he has done to be ok or to get me to forget or forgive him

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Nov 21

I am so sorry this creep abused you so horribly! And I agree, there is nothing he could ever say or do that would make his past behaviors OK. Or worthy of forgetting or forgiving. And you didn't do anything to deserve it!


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