Does anyone have any experience with getting an order of pro

Does anyone have any experience with getting an order of protection against an abusive ex?

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Jan 31

Just putting this out there for anyone in that position. My own uncle is an attorney, and he told me he went to one of those legal-ease type internet sights for his own will to be changed when he got married recently. He claimed it was cheaper than a lawyer and was just as good. Lawyers cost upwards to $300 or more an hour. So I thought I'd put that out there for anyone that doesn't have the ability to file stuff themselves. If I were very poor and needing an attorney now, I'd call the DA and ask if they know about free or low income Legal Aid where I live or google it.

Feb 7

I got a restraining order after I was assaulted and went to the hospital. Officers came and took my statement and then I went to the courthouse and filed paperwork to get one. A judge needs to sign off on it and that's it.

Feb 7

The courthouse in your city has information on this.


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