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does anyone else in here have a "delay" in recognizing they

does anyone else in here have a "delay" in recognizing they were/are a victim?
I was assaulted at work by the suckup/teachers pet, so the focus immediately went from the confrontation to, convincing me not to call the police (instead of proper procedure of separating the witnesses and taking statements and OF COURSE contacting law enforcement)... then when an investigation was conducted the next day, its entire purpose was to punish me for my outburst on the workroom floor after being assaulted.
even though I knew what was going on during the investigation, my brain did not process it as "blaming the victim" like it should have... so instead of being furious that management was turning this around onto me, I very foolishly cooperated with the investigation, and was subsequently disciplined
meanwhile what i SHOULD have done back in June - ie, what im realizing now in a delayed epiphany - was threaten the investigator with a lawsuit if he proceeded to conduct the investigation in the manner that he was - with me as the villian for disrupting work productivity, and my assaulter not even being mentioned in the questioning

is there a common condition associated with not recognizing yourself as a victim until youre long removed from the situation?

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Jan 10

Glad your therapist will keep an open mind about your diagnosis and treatment, and will keep learning more about you. I can't help but wonder if your OCD could have partly been a *result* of your parent's abuse? Just a thought, I'm not a professional.

I'm the youngest of 3. I've asked my older sisters, and they both agree that my dad scapegoated and bullied me in a way that he never did to them. Also, my oldest sister, who is 9 years older than me, sometimes would to try to stop him from bullying me. (Thank you sis!). My mom didn't stand up for me, though.

Jan 14

Mine is the same situation. I was abused sexually by a cousin but all the blame is put on me and i am physically and mentally harassed by my parents. What if i report now that my cousin abused me as a child.? Also another cousin did the same when he was 4 to 7 std. I had completed 12 std then and he continued this till my graduation whnever i visited his home. He was in 7 std then. All who know about this sexual abuse and physical abuse and( my father has even sexually abused me verbally. ) All of them and other people insult me as if i am the culprit. I have suffered a lot of injustice and crime . What should i do how to proceed further. I am an indian

Jan 14

are you in india or USA? you have many things that you have to consider... are you staying in your own house? are you married with your own family? are you still living with family?


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