Dearest friends : please be aware that we have scammers

Dearest friends :
please be aware that we have scammers who frequently come to this site. wolves in sheep‘s clothing. Here is just a little information about one of the cults that was being propagated recently here by one of our ex members.
Rick Ross has a Website Dedicated to Exposing and informing the public of dangerous cults . please do your homework before you follow false prophets or trust anyone that you meet on the Internet including this site.

SOURCE: (Rick Ross - Dr. Gene Scott: The Shock Jock of Televangelism)

“I saw a recent episode of Mrs. Scott on TV, speaking at The Cathedral. She dazzled the audience with a bunch of Greek and Hebrew words, but never made any sense of what she was trying to say. I watched 30-minutes of confusion. She kept talking about "power" and "Christ," but never mentioned the blood of Jesus.

Apart from the sin-cleansing blood of Jesus, we would all be hopelessly condemned to Hellfire forever. Mrs. Scott also failed to mention "sin," or "Hell." To no surprise, she also criticized the King James Bible, God's preserved and inspired Word. Truthfully, I don't see how anyone could learn anything from watching Mrs. Scott speak. She talks quickly, moves from chalkboard to chalkboard, speaks a bunch of jibber-jabber, but makes no sense at all. It's almost as if she's mocking the stupidity of the audience. “

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Foundlove's picture
Sep 17

Thanks for share… I’m always on guard of scammers not just on this site. I think is possibly received a scam in mail just yesterday. I do my best not to answer my phone to scammers as no matter what I do seems I can’t make them stop calling!! It’s very sad these people continue to get away with these things in world. It seems like every time I turn around there’s another scam I’m learning about… especially now bc of pandemic. People were coming up with all kinds of scams pandemic related by me from trying to sell a cure all to charging $200 per COVID test last year In beginning of year… and they were not COVID tests! I think I’m general too many people out there have lost their dignity and morals. There’s too many don’t believe in consequences of their actions but I believe they learn the hard way what happens when take advantage of others! Hope they are stopped and brought to justice!

andine's picture
Sep 17

Thanks! So difficult to know who is really who on the internet. I could lie and say: *I am 43 year old married male with 3 kids*.. .. Plus takes time to research if Info/website they are promoting is actually safe/appropriate for sufferers of severe mental distress..... :(

Foundlove's picture
Sep 18

@andine i just saw on news the latest is some students at Boston university fell for scam n wired over 100 k in cash. Essentially what’s happen is most Americans are being harassed called constantly to be fooled from their money. It’s terrible problem everyone is facing nowadays. I’ve tried but refuse to spend money just to have these people not call my phone. There’s option on my phone to send all calls not on my contact list to voicemail. I put this on and I still get their calls!!! I think biggest thing is to be very suspicious of anyone asking you to wire or send money. Also, anything important by government should not be contacting by phone… usually be mail n whatever your receiving always verify whether it’s true with actual company first. Call the company, don’t ask for a call back… bc that could be the scammers calling back. The sad thing is people who are more trusting of others would be more likely to fall for scams like this. Even millionaires/government have fallen for elaborate scams that are usually being done by people in other countries. The good thing is technology is trying to change the way these scammers are trying to reach us. I hope n pray people are not targeted like this and fall for these scams. The scary part is nobody credits you back your money once you send it to the other party. If someone steals it and you don’t agree to send it you have chance to get your money. If you willingly give it over, nobody will credit your money back I’ve learned. Please everyone stay safe not just on this site but in your daily lives outside of this site.

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