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Abuse of any kind, by anyone is not okay. Hi everyone, I am

Abuse of any kind, by anyone is not okay. Hi everyone, I am new to this group. I hope I will be able to be a good source of support for those who need it and I hope I can receive the same from you. I am sort of embarrassed by my situation. My soon to be 21 year old daughter is very emotionally abusive to me and to her brother. I have been putting up with it for years, because I was raised to believe you stand by your family, especially your children. I am also afraid of the judgement and criticism I will face from my entire family if I break away and go no contact. All I know is that I can't take this anymore. My daughter is borderline and has narcissistic traits. She goes into such rage, belittles, curses, blames, makes wild accusations, calls others selfish when it is really her. This occurs when she doesn't get her way or if you have a difference of opinion. I relive these incidents in my mind for days/weeks after her tirade or nasty phone call or text message. It is absolutely horrifying. I really need help and advice.

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Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate the feedback. I am scheduled to speak with a therapist, but I have to wait almost 2 weeks for the appointment. My daughter refuses to go to counseling or to go back on medication. She refuses to take accept any accountability. She doesn't believe she has a problem, she feels everyone else is the problem. So ultimately she refuses treatment, but expects the targets of her abuse to deal with it. It is very sad. I thank you so very much for reaching out to me :)

Aug 7

@Laura12161977 oooh, well then, (being sarcastic) maybe if thats what she believes, that you all are the problem then maybe she needs to see a counselor for support and giidance in how to deal with all of you at least that might nudge her to go to a counselor. I would probably also say to her ..yes i know I have problems thats why im going to see a proffessional to help our family. Im sure you know if this has been the dynamics of the family for yrars then it is true everyone needs help and everyone contributes to the problems to some degree, we just know the majority is probably her disorders and the behaviors that come with it and the rest of you will have to learn how to respond in different ways. I hope you get more replies to your post soon. Keep posting in several groups that way you get more replies.


Thank you so much. All the best to you


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