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I have an emptiness inside me from so many people letting me

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I have an emptiness inside me from so many people letting me down in life and betraying me. It’s like an emptiness I’m not sure I can do anything about. I feel like I’ve lost hope in people and it’s just a bitterness I have in general. I’ve come down to like down to only one close friend right now most others are just acquaintances. I feel to quit talking to this person l. It sucks because I have a difficult time letting people in my life. I think this friend tried to steal my info and try steal from me. I feel like she’s fake person and as I speak with her I have all this anger inside also. I don’t bring it up again or blame bc I have no proof but at same time I’ve seen her steal from her family in past and try scam people out of people years ago. I feel like wow, all these years your still a scumbag? I thought she would’ve grown up by now but I guess scumbags don’t change. People are so petty and ugly sometimes... Quitting talking to’s gonna leave me w like literally almost ino friends. I quit talking to another friend earlier this year because of her abusive treatment, and I quit talking to another friend around December of last year bc there was heavy circumstantial evidence that she was trying to burn me and another friends hair w nair. I don’t understand what makes people do this evil to others. They just have no morals or something. Would you quit talking to someone you think might’ve attempted to steal from you? I don’t have any proof.

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Aug 5

No, I have not been in a similar situation. I have lost friends due to differences in personality or communication style, but I have never had a friend who I suspected of trying to steal from me.

Aug 6

I hve major trust issues believing pple closest to me as I’ve been harmed by pple closest to me and pple from outside I struggle I kp pple at arms length

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Aug 8

Don't let them bring you down. We have a choice as to how we will react to someone.


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