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I'm confuse I'm confuse cause I just find out in March of

I'm confuse
I'm confuse cause I just find out in March of 2019
I'm confuse cause I never thought she can be this stupid/naive
I'm confuse cause I know of the person but he now dead from a brain aneurysm.

My girlfriend was sexual assualt when she was 20yrs old of age by a man who was 37 years old, she told in March of this year. My girl is now 32 and I'm 34. I thought my job was to protect and provide for her and our 2 kids. Now I feel like I'd failed as a man. Our young relationship haven't been peaches on cream we met when she was 17th and I was 19th year old. She have a truma childhood and so did I ...but I never thought I was be apart of this type of truma..i hear alot about rape on the news but never thought it I'll be right in my home after all these years. And I don't know how to cope with this I kinda blame her for just being stupid... So I'm asking for help/ closure.. We both went to relationship therapy and she attended sexual assualt classes and me I went 2 mental health therapy but just don't feel like it was working for me.

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Aug 13

As a man it's hard for me to accept this, I felt like she could had told me sooner before his passing in 2013.. I would rather kill him myself instead of him collapsing at his local Band show. That would've been my closure.


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