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Trigger warning... I really want to self harm right now. It

Trigger warning...
I really want to self harm right now. It’s been almost a year since I’ve stopped. But tonight my dad was really angry and I felt threatened. He used to be violent with me and my sister as kids/teens. I’m older and had to move back home temporarily. He hasn’t hit me in along time. But tonight he got rough with our family dog and made him yelp in pain because he would not listen. This dog is only 18 months and is a small breed. The way he yanked him by the collar and threw him down was too familiar for me. I felt myself go numb and detach. My sister and I tried to tell him he’s being too rough, but told us to shut up. Then started yelling at us, and got close in my face. I felt so numb and detached, I don’t remember walking myself upstairs and into my room. I got there and cried like a little girl. I flashed back to how I was treated that way... my dad would knock down objects and storm through the house to grab whatever he could get a hold of on me, and yell at me, and throw me down and whip me. I could see that fear in our dog’s eyes and mannerisms. This just shook me to my core. I’m sitting here locked in my room... holding the blade wanting to cut, but my brain is telling me not to give him that power. Ugh... I guess I’ll just drink liquor instead

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May 22

I am so sorry you have to be in the house with him. When you get to move out, take the dog!

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May 23

Some people don’t deserve to have kids and I’m sorry to say your dad is one of them. Please don’t let his violent nature affect you
Once you grow up enough to have your own family you’re gonna treat your kids differently and show him the lesson he never learned about how the real parent acts


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