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I need someone to talk to that can understand no one is here

I need someone to talk to that can understand no one is here for me

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Aug 12

@MsRobot I'm tired of living in my past I just can't get away from it.

norseduncan's picture
Aug 12

no, you arent crazy or overreacting. you are wounded. I don't know what its like either to have been abused for years, but I see that you aren't crazy or overreacting. if you had a broken leg, and complained that walking hurt, everyone would get it. unfortunately mental and emotional wounds don't get the same consideration, and yet are just as serious.

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Aug 12

@Reddy I don't know your specific situation but I've dealt with suicidal thoughts and self harm for a long time. Feel free to message me anytime. I know these things can be sensitive.


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