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Therapist is sending me to hospital says I’m dangerous to

Therapist is sending me to hospital says I’m dangerous to be by myself

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Jun 13

How do you feel about this? Maybe just go and be assessed? You have been calling out for help, maybe this is the help? Hang in there.

Round3's picture
Jun 13

Is there a way you can find a positive in this? Maybe a great opportunity to have access to doctors and professionals that know what they are doing. A chance to do some hard work in a safe environment.

Blueberries1234's picture
Jun 14

I really hope you feel supported at the hospital. I think you're a lovely person, hopefully you begin to see it too. I know depression can be really painful, but ultimately you have to stop helping the bullies and be kind to yourself. Perfectionism doesnt exist. Our flaws are what make us ourselves, and sometimes what we see as flaws are actually endearing and lovable qualities to others.


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